We provide on-site and remote services for all VMware products from the earliest GSX, ESX and VMware Server releases, through the newest vSphere product line. Take a look at our services matrix below:

Virtual Infrastructure Add-Ons Management Products
ESX 1.X and 2.X Dynamic Power Management (DPM) Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Jumpstart
VI ESX & ESXi 3.X Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) Lab Manager Jumpstart
vSphere ESX & ESXi 4.X Fault Tolerance (FT) Life Cycle Manager
Installation and Upgrades High Availability (HA) P2V Converter Jumpstart
Shared Storage Assessment Live Migration (vMotion) vCenter Server & Heartbeat
Shared Storage Installation Storage vMotion (SVMotion) Chargeback & Capacity IQ
Shared Storage Configuration Distributed Network Switch Orchestrator
SAN Replication Guidance Host Profiles AppSpeed
SAN Replication Configuration Update Manager Application Discovery Manager
Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NFS VM Baselines Configuration Manager
vSphere Jumpstart Patching and Remediation Service Manager

vShield Zones
Desktop Products Cloud Other
VMware View Cloud Foundry Zimbra
VMware ThinAPP vCloud Express Spring Source Hyperic
VMware ACE vCloud Spring Source tc Server
VMware Workstation

VMware Fusion (Mac)

VMware Player

In addition to providing planning, architecture, deployment, maintenance and upgrade services for the above matrix, we also work with virtualization platforms such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server, Citrix Xen Desktop, Oracle Sun Solaris Zones, Oracle Sun Virtual Box & XvM, Parallels Virtuozzo, RedHat RHEV with Xen or KVM, Ubuntu Enterprise Virtualization with KVM and Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC.)

We perform multi-platform integration, platform migration, application re-factoring for the cloud, dynamic data center infrastructure, private cloud installation as well as public cloud consultation. We are very thorough with our assessments and recommendations, and we can also provide all necessary knowledge transfer, documentation and training for your staff.