Amerinets has provided organizations in all industries various security solutions and support ranging from Security Posture Analysis to Security Systems Design and Implementation. Amerinets is also a leading provider of Managed Security Services, ensuring the stability and protection of key business processes. Our security team is composed of industry-certified security engineers with a wide range of experience including business continuity, cryptography, network and system security, and compliance assessment.

Security Services support the Self-Defending Network, an architectural solution designed for the evolving security landscape. Security is integrated everywhere and with the help of a lifecycle services approach, enterprises can deploy, operate, and optimize network platforms that defend critical business processes against attack and disruption, protect privacy, and support policy and regulatory compliance controls.

Planning and Design Services

Deploy, configure and integrate to proactively protect your network against security threats.

The most comprehensive approach to network security is an integrated solution that combines

  • Existing infrastructure devices with embedded security solutions

  • Security devices that have native network intelligence

  • Security policy in a collaborative and adaptive security system

  • Security lifecycle services that maximize network effectiveness

  • Using the network to provide a common security architecture

  • Reduces complexity

  • Enables tighter integration

  • Closes risk gaps

  • Provides greater visibility of end-to-end security

  • Makes security easier to deploy and manage

  • Enables you evolve to advanced security capabilities while protecting your investment

  • This approach is

  • Integrated: Every element in the network acts as a point of defense.

  • Collaborative: Various network components work together to provide new means of protection.

  • Adaptive: Innovative behavioral methods automatically recognize and adapt to new types of threats as they arise.

  • Security¬† Domains

    • Access Control

    • Application Security

    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

    • Cryptography

    • Information Security and Risk Management

    • Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations

    • Operations Security

    • Physical (Environmental) Security

    • Security Architecture and Design

    • Telecommunications and Network Security