Closed Circuit Television Systems range from single camera installations through to highly complex Town Centre projects. Fibre optic, Free space or ISDN transmission links are frequently used to provide communication between cameras and control equipment. However, no matter how simple or complex the system, CCTV can only be effective if it meets the demands if both prevailing site conditions and the user.

As an independent company we are able to select the most suitable equipment for each project, thus ensuring that the systems designed to meets today's needs and those of the future.

Once the design is complete, our engineering project staff will either liaise with the other trades or provide full project management. This will ensure that the installation runs smoothly and efficiently through the completion and customer training.

In addition to fixed CCTV installations, we provide and maintain numerous re-deployable camera systems enabling local authorities and Police alike to target a crime hot-spot both quickly and effectively.

Ongoing customer support is vital; all of our clients can have access to our technical support staff and, in the event of system failure, our fully equipped engineers. This, together with a wide range of maintenance and service plans, provide our clients with the peace of mind that their system will be operational for years to come.