Android App Development

Amerinets is one of the best android app development company that delivers quality mobile applications for enterprises across the globe. This platform has now captured a major share in the global market. We have a highly skilled and professionally trained team of developers which ensures that rich value-added services are plugged-in in your app.

Our team is one such android application development company that does not cease to amaze its clients. Its awe inspiring apps keep its audience rapt with attention and left wanting for more. This is why our prestigious clients keep coming back to us with more requirements, reason being that attention to detail that we provide is hardly matched by anyone else in the market.

We are experts in:

Android SDK tools

Android platform tools

Compatibility with JDK6

Android 2D and vector graphics libraries

Android OS version and device checks

Social media integration within the app

Launch of Android app at Google Play Store

Third party integration within the app

Android Experts On-Board

Our technical team is fully aware of design and development complexities. As a result, we develop scalable and feature-rich android apps that are robust and result-oriented.

We hold expertise in full stack development as we have a complete in-house team including designers, android developers, Q/A specialists, business analysts and project managers. Our years of experience has given us exposure to complete life cycle of working on projects from scope elaboration to final approval from Google Play Store reviewers. It includes all the major steps. Few of the best areas include front- and back-end development, UI designs, user experience designs, databases, third party APIs and agile scrum.

We have successfully delivered 100+ apps to large companies from prominent countries like USA, UK, UAE, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Italy and others. Since 2010, we have mastered almost all the android app development areas including:

Creative Ideas Development / Concept development




E-commerce Integration

Application Development

Geo-Location and Maps Integration

Social Media Integration

In-App Purchase

In-App Advertisement



Testing and Debugging

Alfa/Alpha Testing